E-reader cover 'VIGO' for ArtaTech Inkbook Prime - cork pink, felt antique pink

  • High-quality cork e-reader pouch.
  • Manufactured to fit the ArtaTech Inkbook Prime perfectly (without case).
  • Specially manufactured woollen felt lining holds the e-book reader securely in the pouch
  • The e-reader is easy to remove
  • Pleasant to the touch cork material with a soft grip
  • tough, dirt-resistant, wipe clean

Delivery Time: 4-6 days

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Product Description

The VIGO e-reader case - fits the ArtaTech Inkbook Prime exactly

High-quality Portuguese cork is used for this pouch. This cork is pleasant to the touch with a particularly soft grip. In addition, it's extremely tough and resistant to dirt. As such, cork closely resembles leather in these respects. Cork is known as vegan leather for good reason! In addition, the grain of the cork is unique to every single pouch. This means that you will receive a truly unique product.

The woollen felt inside lining is also durable, lint-free, and dirt-resistant. The matching colour creates a particular accent.

The e-book reader will remain securely in place!

The felt lining not only looks good; it also fulfils a specific function. It has been designed and manufactured by us to hold the e-reader securely in place so that it won't fall out. At the same time, the e-reader is easy to insert and remove. This applies to both smooth and rubberised finishes.

Do you use a case?

This e-reader pouch is only suitable for the ArtaTech Inkbook Prime itself, without a case, bumper, or other protective housing. However, we'll be happy to make a tailor-made pouch for your device and its case. Simply follow this link: special manufacturing requests

Care instructions:

Both materials are naturally resistant to dirt. This guarantees that you will enjoy your e-book reader pouch for a long time to come. The cork can simply be wiped with a damp cloth. Woollen felt can shrink or lose its shape due to soaking or abrasion. Therefore, you should avoid getting it wet wherever possible.

Our promise:

All our products are produced exclusively in Germany and the EU, and adhere to fair trade and prices. The materials used are also sourced from Germany and other EU countries.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer stilbag
Material Cork fabric and Wool felt
Compatible with ArtaTech Inkbook Prime
EAN 4251507393027
Delivery time 4-6 days
Colour pink
Collection Vigo
Material cork
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