Blumenwiese mit rotem Klatschmohn


Our Tablet sleeves made of felt

Stowed in the backpack, in the briefcase or in the suitcase ... your Tablet has long since become a loyal companion as a mobile all-rounder.

A good reason to protect it. One Tablet Felt covers offer many advantages.

You can pack your tablet in a particularly stylish way ...

... in our LEON & FINN felt cover.

Tablet Hülle aus Filz mit 4mm Filzdicke

Well padded

A total of 4 mm of felt on each side, consisting of two layers, protect your Tablet Against pressure, bumps and scratches: 3 mm thick, robust wool felt outside and 1 mm soft felt lining inside.  

Tablet Hüllen aus Filz sind leicht, flach und isolieren vor Kälte, Wärme und Feuchtigkeit

Flat, light, insulating

Our felt cover is not only flat and takes up little space. Despite the thick padding, it only weighs around 120 grams, because there is a lot of air between the wool fibers, which also insulates against cold and heat.

Another advantage of wool or wool felt is its natural ability to repel water.

Tablet Hülle aus Filz mit abgenähter Außenkante schützt bei Stürzen

edge protection

First quirks or display damage often start at the corners or edges. With our felt cover, these are particularly well protected by the sewn outer edge.

A strong, dimensionally stable elastic band holds your Tablet safe in the case.


anthracite and light gray


colored elastic band

Tablet Hülle LEON aus Filz in anthrazit
Tablet Hülle LEON aus Filz in hellgrau


anthracite and light gray


colored felt lining

Tablet Hülle FINN aus Filz in anthrazit
Tablet Hülle FINN aus Filz in hellgrau


Our Tablet sleeve is made of felt

Symbol Schaf

Merino wool felt

The naturalness of the wool felt shows itself in the pleasant feel and look. A timeless material with lasting popularity.

Our suppliers source their wool from New Zealand, Argentina and Spain, which comes exclusively from merino wool.

The production of the felt textile takes place from washing to dyeing in Europe, mainly in Germany.

Wool felt is robust, non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. The felt from our suppliers is Oeko-Tex certified.

Symbol Nähgarn

80% recycled yarn

High quality yarn, like the quality polyester yarns we use, are particularly tear-resistant and show a beautiful, smooth seam pattern.

All gray yarns are recycled.They are made from old PET bottles using a unique manufacturing technology. 

The productionthe yarn takes place in Germany. They are free of harmful substances and comply with the Oeko-Tex standard.


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