Custom made for you

it doesn't matter if you have a mobile phone, eReader, e-ink tablet, notebook


✓  For more than 10 years, we have not only sold mobile phone sleeves, we have also had just as much experience sewing them.

✓  In our workshop in Trier, we can make bags for you individually, with loving craftsmanship and an eye for detail.


Our service for you

Fast delivery

✓  We are a well-coordinated team when it comes to creating custom-made bags. As a rule, you can be pleased with your new bag after just three working days. In rare cases, it takes a maximum of five working days.

Handmade in Germany

✓  All stilbag bags that we have custom made for you are produced in our own workshop in Trier. We always pay attention to high quality so that you can enjoy your bag for a long time.

A perfect fit

✓  We need the height, width and depth of your device. It is best to measure this information with a ruler. Do you have a case? Then measure your device including the protective cover. We will then determine the size of the case, including the buffer, for easy handling.

Easy to order

✓ Select your favourite bag and fill in the displayed option fields. You always have the option to enter additional information. Then add it to the shopping cart and complete your order.


20 Colour combinations


14 Colour combinations


20 Colour combinations


12 Colour combinations


You use a protective cover?

Many mobile phone users protect their device with a protective cover, mobile phone shell, case or bumper.

Whether Spigen, OttorBox, innislink or SUPCASE, the providers are just as diverse as their models. Tablets also like to be provided with additional protection or extended with a flat keyboard. For all those who are now looking for a case for their device, it is difficult to find one that fits exactly, as the case now has to be somewhat larger. We are happy to help you with the production of a custom-made sleeve for your mobile phone, tablet or e-reader with case.





Tablet sleeves custom made with/ohne tastaur or case 


My notebook/laptop is not listed

Thanks to our "custom made" service, we can flexibly produce a sleeve "on demand" according to your wishes.

We can look back on several years of experience and know what is important. Each size is calculated individually and the required parts are cut exactly. This applies to all collections.

Is the wool mulesing-free?

We are aware of the problem of painful skin wrinkle removal in merino wool sheep (also called mulesing) and are very interested in wool from trustworthy sources. Our suppliers have confirmed that the coloured wool for the inner felt comes from South America and Spain. Here the removal of the skin folds is unknown and not necessary due to the climate. The wool for the outer felt comes mainly from New Zealand, where mulesing has been banned since 01.10.2018.



✓ Material: wool felt

✓ Wool felt: Made in Europe, from 100% merino wool (mainly from sheep from New Zealand, Spain & Argentina), Oeko-Tex certified.

✓ Yarn: Made in Germany, made of tear-resistant polyester, approx. 80% from recycled PET bottles, Oeko-Tex certified

✓ Care: Both materials are naturally dirt-resistant. This ensures that you will enjoy the bag for a long time.

✓ Wool felt can become deformed or shrunk through soaking and rubbing. It should therefore not be allowed to get wet.

✓ Made in: Germany (EU)



Felt made from merino wool


✓ The naturalness of wool felt is evident in its pleasant feel and look. A timeless material with enduring popularity.

✓ Our suppliers source their wool from New Zealand, Argentina and Spain, which comes exclusively from merino wool sheep.

✓ The production of the felt textile, from washing to dyeing, takes place in Europe, mainly in Germany.

✓ Wool felt is robust, non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. The felt from our suppliers is Oeko-Tex certified.




 Advantages of using felt::

The processed Merino sheep's wool is extremely hard-wearing and offers many other advantages:

✓ Lightweight and thin material

✓ Insulates against heat and cold

✓ Moisture and water repellent

✓ Insensitive to soiling

✓ Non-flammable

✓ Crease and wrinkle resistant



High-quality cork fabric from Portugal

This material has a pleasant feel and is particularly soft to the touch. It is also extremely robust and resistant to dirt.

✓ With these properties, the cork bag comes very close to a leather bag. It is not for nothing that cork fabric is also called vegan leather.

✓ In addition, the grain of the cork is different for every bag.

✓ So you get a unique piece.



✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ vegan Leather

✓ durable

✓ water resistant

✓ soft and warm touch

80% recycled yarn

Made in Germany, made of tear-proof polyester, approx. 80% recycled PET bottles, Oko-Tex certified



We pack for you

sustainable - secure - appreciative 


So that you can enjoy your order from the To ensure that you enjoy your order from the very beginning, we pack your ordered items individually just for you.

Packaging design and materials: We attach great importance to an appealing design. When selecting our materials and packaging forms, we not only pay attention to a beautiful appearance, but also to resource-saving and space-saving variants.

Safety: With our personal packaging for you, we also want to ensure that your order is optimally protected during transport and storage so that it arrives in perfect condition.

 Information: On the packaging of each individual product you will find a short summary of all the important information about it.

Appreciation: Our individual packaging is also an expression of our appreciation towards you. We want you to know that we care about every detail to give you the best possible shopping experience and that we care about your satisfaction. We want to make the unpacking of your order a special moment that creates anticipation and joy for the product itself