Custom sewing handmade perfect fit


Tailored for you

For over 10 years we have not only been selling mobile phone bags, we have just as long experience in sewing them. In our workshop in Germany we can make bags individually for you, lovingly handmade with an eye for detail.


Our services for you

Fast production

We are a well-rehearsed team when it comes to individual production. As a rule, we only need two or three working days to make your custom-fit bag before we send it to you.

Handmade in Germany

We produce all custom-made stilbag bags in our own workshop in Germany, always in high quality so that you can enjoy your bag for a long time.

Tailored for your device

We need the height, width and depth of your device. The best way is to measure these data with a ruler. You have a protective cover? Then measure your device with cover. We determine the bag size including buffer, for an easy handling.

Easy to order

Choose your favourite bag and fill in the displayed option fields. You always have the possibility to enter additional information. Then put it into the shopping cart and complete your order. Done!

You're using a protective cover?

Many mobile phone users protect their device with a protective cover, mobile phone shell, case or bumper. Whether Spigen, OttorBox, innislink or SUPCASE, the providers are just as diverse as their models. Tablets can also be provided with additional protection or extended with a flat keyboard. For everyone who is now looking for a bag for their device, it is difficult to find an exactly fitting, because the bag must now be slightly larger. We are happy to help you by producing a custom-fit case for your mobile phone, tablet or e-reader with cover.

Let's go!

Your device is not listed?

Sometimes it happens that a certain model is not to be found directly with us. For example, this can happen with older or exotic models. Even smartphones, e-readers or tablets that are very fresh on the market or about to be launched may not yet be on our list.

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