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Set of 4 cable ties LEON wool felt

Set of 4 cable ties LEON wool felt

Kabelbinder VIGO aus Kork und Filz, 4er Set

Kabelbinder VIGO aus Kork und Filz, 4er Set

Cable tie FINN made of felt, set of 4 - felt

97% of 100
  • ✓ Set: 4 cable ties, 2 sizes
  • ✓ Reclosable everyday helpers
  • ✓ Hold headphones & charger cable in shape
  • ✓ stylish color combination gray or anthracite
  • ✓ Made in Germany made of 100% wool felt
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Anthrazit - Azur
Anthrazit - Apfelgrün
Anthrazit - Blau
Anthrazit - Grün
Anthrazit - Lavandel
Anthrazit - Mokka
Anthrazit - Orange
Anthrazit - Pink
Anthrazit - Rot
Anthrazit - Schwarz
Hellgrau - Apfelgrün
Hellgrau - Blau
Anthrazit - Gelb
Hellgrau - Grün
Hellgrau - Mokka
Hellgrau - Orange
Hellgrau - Pink
Hellgrau - Rot
Hellgrau - Violett
Hellgrau - Schwarz
Hellgrau - Azur

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 Cable tie FINN made of felt, set of 4

With our FINN cable ties, headphones and charging cables stay in shape with no time at all. You get four cable ties in 2 different sizes (10.5 and 12.5 cm), each 3 mm thick. The cable ties are resealable thanks to the push button, for flexible use as often as you want.

Naturally you get as always with stilbag function with style. For the cable ties FINN we have combined apple green felt with noble anthracite, and there is a matching button. The felt consists of 100% merino wool.

It is made of high-quality wool felt on the inside and outside. The two layers of felt create an interesting but simple play of colours.

✓  Bye bye cable spaghetti



Material Woll felt
Matches universal
Weight Aprox. 10 g
Made in Germany (EU)



✓  Material: wool felt

✓  Wool felt: Made in Europe, from 100% merino wool (mainly from sheep from New Zealand, Spain & Argentina), Oeko-Tex certified.

✓  Yarn: Made in Germany, made of tear-resistant polyester, approx. 80% from recycled PET bottles, Oeko-Tex certified

✓  Care: Both materials are naturally dirt-resistant. This ensures that you will enjoy the bag for a long time.

✓  Wool felt can become deformed or shrunk through soaking and rubbing. It should therefore not be allowed to get wet.

✓  Made in: Germany (EU)



Felt made from merino wool

✓ The naturalness of wool felt is evident in its pleasant feel and look. A timeless material with enduring popularity.

✓ Our suppliers source their wool from New Zealand, Argentina and Spain, which comes exclusively from merino wool sheep.

✓ The production of the felt textile, from washing to dyeing, takes place in Europe, mainly in Germany.

✓ Wool felt is robust, non-toxic, recyclable and biodegradable. The felt from our suppliers is Oeko-Tex certified.




 Advantages of using felt::

The processed Merino sheep's wool is extremely hard-wearing and offers many other advantages:

✓ Lightweight and thin material

✓ Insulates against heat and cold

✓ Moisture and water repellent

✓ Insensitive to soiling

✓ Non-flammable

✓ Crease and wrinkle resistant



High-quality cork fabric from Portugal

✓  This material has a pleasant feel and is particularly soft to the touch. It is also extremely robust and resistant to dirt.

✓  With these properties, the cork bag comes very close to a leather bag. It is not for nothing that cork fabric is also called vegan leather.

✓  In addition, the grain of the cork is different for every bag.

✓ So you get a unique piece.



✓  Environmentally friendly

✓  vegan Leather

✓  durable

✓  water resistant

✓  soft and warm touch

80% recycled yarn

Made in Germany, made of tear-proof polyester, approx. 80% recycled PET bottles, Oeko-Tex certified


We pack for you

We want you to enjoy your order right from the start. That's why we pack personally for you and attach great importance to an appealing design.

When selecting our materials and packaging forms, we pay attention to resource-saving and space-saving variants.

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Materialmerino wool felt
Compatible withfor your Device
Delivery time3-5 days
Colourgreen, black
MaterialMerino Wool Felt
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